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AKTU passing marks

AKTU passing marks

The aktu passing marks should be consider as follows,the marks that are obtained in a subject shall consist of marks
that are allotted in end semester's theory paper + practical examination + sessional work.

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The minimum passing marks in each theory subject (including sessional marks) shall be 40% with a minimum of 30% marks in each theory paper in the end semester examination. 

If there is no provision of sessional marks in any subject, the minimum pass marks in that subject shall be 30% in the end semester examination. 

The minimum passing marks in a project/practical subject (including sessional marks if any) shall be 50%. 

 A candidate, in order to pass, must secure atleast 50% marks in the aggregate in a particular academic year inclusive of both semesters of the academic year subjected to conditions.

The minimum passing marks in Seminar, Industrial Training and Educational Tour, Viva-Voce etc shall be 50%.

Promotion : 

 A candidate satisfying all the requirements mentioned above shall be promoted to the next academic year of study. 

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  1. Aktu 6 sem carry over ka result kab tak aya ga

  2. i have two remaining backs in first year one is of 2 semester and 1 is of 1 semester my status is pcp-a and my total is less than 1000 but i have 40 marks of grace unused and i checked from abes college that 2017 passout students are passed regardless their status if they have 40 marks of grace left... i am confussed what to do .. please help me out and waiting for the result

    1. PCP-A means students got below 1000 marks and they have 5 below backs (carry over paper).

  3. challenge scrutiny kat form kab tak ayega

  4. Replies
    1. AKTU didn't released any official circular related to SCOP till now.

  5. agar ek sem. m 2 back ho to un dono mai ek saat grace lag sakti hai kya 10 aur 1 no. ki grace chahiye

  6. I am 2016 pass out .I have only one back log .my 2 year result was clear but now it shows PCP .I really concern for me because I already clear that and now my 2nd year result is PCP.apart from this I have only one back logs in which I got 16 so I can get 15 Grace marks.please let me know what to do .
    My roll number is 1200154016.


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Ways to get the highest score in a semester examination of AKTU

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